Network World has provided a list of the 10 home network mistakes that should be avoided and how they can be fixed. First, people often fail to determine what the network will have to do before setting it up. Problems will surface if more coverage is needed or additional devices will connect to it. The solution to this involves pre-planning and knowing how much area needs to be covered. Another mistake is not recording an old routers settings before an upgrade is made, which can lead to more work setting up a new router. By writing down passwords and other settings this problem can be easily avoided. Poor router placement can also cause hinder a routers performance. Many experts recommend placing a router in an open hallway, high up, and close to the center of the home as possible. Another common mistake is leaving the router’s settings in default mode, which can lead to performance issues and an open network. Customizing settings so they suit specific needs and prevent unwanted users from connecting are important. Another frequent mistake is not updating the router’s firmware regularly. Firmware updates are important as they can improve functions and performance. Although updating is a manual process and can be taxing it is recommended it be done frequently. | Read More