Growth in the real estate industry is thought to be regional, but adherence to proven basics applied with a few contemporary methods will likely benefit homebuyers and sellers in the new year. Sellers would do well to make the best property presentation possible, keeping in mind small details—trimmed bushes, fresh interior odors, external and internal cleanliness, and so forth—that appeal to buyers. Meanwhile, buyers should keep notes of both pros and cons for each home they visit, and score them according to a rating scale. Buyers may be more inclined to linger longer if sellers spruce up the homes with appropriate seasonal accents. Moreover, buyers might want to find out if their potential new neighborhood is thriving or deteriorating, while agents could offer more information by tapping big data sources such as the National Association of Realtors’ Predictive Analytics group. Presale inspections go a long way toward promoting transparency, and buyers need to divorce themselves from the desire to win at all costs when it comes to negotiating a sale. Homeowners also should strive to retain mineral rights by exercising their “seller’s market” clout. In addition, buyers are better off financially by not racking up big capital purchases prior to buying a new home. Finally, sellers should avoid overpricing or underpricing by hiring agents based on recommendations, response time, in-person interviews, track record, and data support. | Read More