When remodeling a home, money is best spent on the kitchen and bathroom. Homeowners may want to consider refacing or refinishing instead of tearing things out. Old bathtubs can be covered with a molded-acrylic tub liner, and acrylic wall surrounds can help avoid retiling. Energy-efficient appliances can help save on utility bills. Homeowners should also shop around for the materials and labor they want, and wait for specials. Starting with the smallest room can help save money and time. When remodeling, a few well-constructed, higher-function pieces should be chosen over excess materials. When remodeling, often one showy, expensive piece is enough to make an entire room look updated, such as a granite countertop or a natural stone floor. When possible, surfaces and materials should be repaired rather than replaced, and sometimes a thorough cleaning is all that is needed to spruce up a room. The cheapest update for kitchens or bathrooms is to replace hardware such as faucets, towel racks, door knobs, and cabinets. For flooring and countertops, high-quality imitation versions of granite, tile, and wood are now available for less money and easier care than the real thing. | Read More