How To Hang Pictures on Plaster Walls

You’re proudly hanging your first picture on your new home’s antique plaster walls. A few minutes later, it’s no longer hanging. And now you now have a bent nail, a large hole and a new diagonal crack.

Spare yourself the agony and grab your drill and the right weight-rated angled Ook hooks.

Attach a 1/16-in drill bit to create a pilot hole for the hook’s nail. Hold the hook as a guide to drill your pilot hole(s) at the correct angle. Gently tap the hook and nail into the wall.

If the nail encounters a piece of lath, the pilot hole will let it pass without damage. If there’s no lath, the angle of the nail and the plaster structure should be sufficient to hold the frame.

To keep your walls looking pristine, consider installing picture rail molding around the upper perimeter of your room. Then you can suspend your wall hangings from the rail with hooks and wire made for this purpose. When your preferences change, swap out or move things with no nail holes to repair.

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