Renting out a room, apartment, or house can provide extra income, and several websites help people connect with available spaces. In general, hosts should offer good pictures of the space for rent and be clear about any amenities and restrictions. People who rent out their homes also should be aware of what taxes and fees apply, and should make sure that their insurance covers their house as a rental. Airbnb is free to sign up and create a profile page, and allows users to set up filters to screen potential renters and allow some to book instantly. While listing is free, Airbnb takes a 3-percent cut from every rental, in return for a Host Guarantee that covers up to $1 million in damages. HomeAway may be preferable for someone who has a property that they want to use exclusively for rentals. This site lets hosts post descriptions, images, and maps, and also allows them to choose a subscription listing, per-booking listing, or professional management, for various prices. FlipKey began as a site for complexes and resorts, but now it is looking to compete with Airbnb and covers a wide range of rental properties, and also carries a 3-percent booking fee. FlipKey users have their listing automatically added to the travel site TripAdvisor. | Read More