There are a handful of situations in which home buyers and sellers might trade love letters about a home in order to secure a sale. Sellers could create a video love letter and post it on YouTube, highlighting the property’s unique features and expressing why they love it in hopes that they will sway a buyer to love it, too. Sellers also might write a love letter about the home and the neighborhood for prospective buyers to read during showings, placing it in the binder with the pre-listing inspection reports and disclosures. The letter could focus on neighborhood amenities and list the vendors the owners used and the restaurants they visited while living there. Buyers in a multiple offer situation, meanwhile, could gain a competitive edge by writing the seller a letter explaining why the home is perfect for their family, lifestyle, and/or career. If the seller feels that bidders appreciate the home, they might make a counteroffer rather than reject their offer outright. Some buyers even resort to love letters in the hopes of purchasing an unlisted home, though sellers might not want to move and may view such letters with suspicion. Moreover, buyers should check whether state law restricts such an approach if the homeowner is in or nearing foreclosure. | Read More