There are four rules home buyers should follow if they want sellers to accept their offer. While money is important, it is also important for buyers to be likable and avoid making negative comments about the house or discussing their renovation plans in front of the seller, keeping in mind that sellers have an emotional connection to the property. “Don’t tell someone how bad, ugly, stupid, et cetera, that someone’s house is, and then try to buy it. That doesn’t work,” notes Marc Takacs of Atlanta-based Keller Williams Realty. Buyers also should avoid making unreasonable demands, like super-quick closing dates, and they should avoid low-ball offers that could be perceived as an insult and offers that are too high and difficult for them to afford. Visiting the listing too often and for long periods of time also will annoy sellers. Finally, they should avoid waiving the home inspection or appraisal contingency simply to get their offer approved, as they will regret such a move later on if a leaky roof or mold is discovered or they learn that they overpaid for the house. | Read More