The U.S. Green Building Council introduced the LEED for Homes certification program in 2007 and there are now more than 50,000 housing units with LEED certification. During the first year LEED was introduced, only 392 units achieved LEED certification. However, the rating system gained momentum recently with more than 15,000 certified in 2012, and more than 17,000 certified last year, amounting to nearly 65 percent of the 50,000-plus LEED for Homes certifications awarded in the past two years. Multifamily buildings contain 74 percent of the certified units and 44 percent are affordable housing units. Units certified under the LEED for Home program have higher property values, healthier indoor environments, and generate average energy and water savings of 20 to 30 percent. More than 82,000 units currently under construction have registered for LEED certification. Meanwhile, USGBC recently announced that about 20,000 commercial projects also have earned LEED certification. | Read More