Summer vacation may mean extended periods of inactivity for teens, leading to experimentation and reckless behavior.  Ways to teen-proof the house for the summer include setting ground rules with the involvement of teens, says Dr. Nikki Mihalopoulos at University of Utah Health Care.  She says kids actually thrive when their parents set rules, which provides structure and clear expectations.  “It’s important to keep all alcohol locked up, including alcoholic beverages kept in the fridge,” Mihalopoulos says. “It’s also vital to keep prescription drugs locked up.  Make it clear that it’s never OK to take a medication that isn’t prescribed to you.” While allowing teens time for rest and relaxation, they should also have daily chores as part of  their schedule, Mihalopoulos says.  Older kids may find work as counselors at summer camps or other type of summer job, such as mowing lawns, babysitting, or working at an ice cream parlor. “Don’t be afraid to make sure friends understand your house rules, and make sure to connect with other parents about house rules and unsupervised time spent in homes,” she advises.  Meeting for at least one meal a day can keep the family connected and provide healthier meals, Mihalopoulos says. | Read More