At the age of 65, people must give some thought to whether they should age in place or relocate to a home that will better meet their needs as they grow older. Although three-quarters of adults age 45 and older polled by AARP this year want to remain in their current homes mainly to be near family and friends, experts say the design of their home and their health are important considerations. They must assess which areas of the residence would need to be improved to maintain their mobility; and a stairless entry, roll-in shower, raised dishwashers, and additional lighting, among other changes, may be necessary. While some seniors believe they cannot afford to move to an active-adult or retirement community due to the high fees, experts say they should consider how much it will cost them to improve and maintain their current homes, have the grass cut and snow shoveled, have meals and groceries delivered, and take a taxi to the doctor’s office on top of property taxes, homeowners association fees, and utilities; many of these expenses are covered by the fees charged by the retirement community. Those who do not wish to move should consider joining a community village, in which members offer support to one another, ranging from taking people grocery shopping to changing smoke-detector batteries. | Read More