The article lists seven questions a home seller or buyer should ask his/her real estate agent before making any financial commitments. The first is: “What are the current owners’ biggest complaints?” The second is “How long did it take you to get here?” The article’s author opines that the closer a Realtor lives to the house being bought or sold, the better. In other words, the more local the agent, the more he/she knows about the area market. Prospective clients will also question their Realtors on the quality of their website? Those agents who do not have his own site are most likely amateurs. At the very least, Realtors should be Internet savvy. The fourth likely question is: “Am I asking for too much money?” Fifth, “Do you have anything unlisted?” After all, the author writes, many Realtors have secret treasures that they only show to the people who know to ask for them. Clients will often inquire about a Realtor’s references. Finally, the seventh question is : “Is this area improving or declining?” Any good agent should be able to recognize growth trends and other market changes. | Read More