DIY Dusting and Wood Cleaner

Definitely ditch the artificial fragrances when cleaning furniture and freshening air, because many of those ingredients are concerning. Instead, here’s an easy DIY from Harris. It left our window sills sparkling despite living in a dusty agricultural valley.


3/4-cup olive oil;1/4-cup white distilled vinegar;1 tsp lemon juice;Spray bottle.

The white vinegar cuts through grime and film on furniture, while olive oil softens the wood surface. Lemon leaves behind a nice scent and also boosts cleaning.

Make it: Pour ingredients into a spray bottle using a small funnel. Don’t use more olive oil than the recipe calls for, or this cleaner will leave a sticky residue that holds dust.

Use it: Lightly shake the bottle before each use. Spray a small amount on furniture. Wipe away with a damp, lint-free cloth.

Store it: Keep it away from heat and light to protect the oil.

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