One of the most popular screening plants, arborvitae is a thickly adorned evergreen that comes in a range of shapes, from dwarf globes of just one to two feet all the way up to 30-foot upright giants. Although shorter arborvitae are commonly used as foundation plants, taller ones serve as screens and hedges, providing plenty of privacy.

Arborvitae are tough, hardy plants that can withstand drought once established. Unfortunately, they’re susceptible to winter burn, i.e. desiccation due to drying winter winds. And deer and rabbits will eat up the lower portions during difficult winters. Wrapping in burlap or applying an anti-desiccant spray will help the former, while temporary fencing should alleviate the latter.

Best in U.S. Department of Agriculture Plant Hardiness Zones 3 through 7.

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