Interior designer Susanna Cots, known for her light-filled, cozy aesthetic (see here and here), completed a new project in the Costa Brava region of Spain. The appropriately named Copper House seamlessly blends materials, textures, and earthy tones creating a dream-worthy escape that supports emotional wellbeing.

The minimalist interior offers a cozy and inviting atmosphere full of natural light and a connection to the outdoors. White unifies the spaces, while the wood tones and earthy shades promote warmth. The pièce de résistance throughout are the copper details that add their own earthiness yet in a striking way.

Large windows visually connect the indoor and outdoor spaces while making the interior feel more open and filled with light.

The neutral tones and textures complement the copper elements, which can be found throughout each room, from the kitchen sinks and pendant lighting, to the breakfast bar and desk legs and all the faucets.

Two bedroom suites are located upstairs with oak wood floors that continue up the walls that flank the fireplace.

Photos by Mauricio Fuertes, courtesy of v2com.