Real estate agents Hans and Steve Wydler, authors of “Inside the Sell: Top Agents Reveal Unspoken Secrets and Dangers of Buying and Selling Your Home,” say properties with certain features that transcend trends tend to hold their value better no matter the market conditions. Homes with good flow, or a logical way to move from room to room; a good layout that anticipates how a space will be used and furnished; good natural light; and flexible spaces tend to retain value. Other features that always are important to buyers include quality finishes and neutral colors; simple systems, with dimmer switches valued more highly than mood setting controls on the iPad; and proportionality, meaning that a home with eight bedrooms should have a dining room that can easily fit 10 people. Buyers also look for homes that fit into the neighborhood and are appropriately sized for the lot as well as homes that are future-proof, meaning that they do not contain cutting-edge technology that instantly dates the home, given that technology changes so quickly. | Read More