Prior to the pandemic, interior designer Oksana Dolgopiatova was asked to design an apartment in Kyiv, Ukraine. Former clients planned to give their growing daughter the apartment as a gift but the pandemic put the project on hold. Skip to 2021 and the project renovation was back on track. The goal was to make the apartment feel warm yet modern, designed with the highest quality environmentally-friendly materials. Dolgopiatova created the 904-square-foot Apartment Persimmon, named for the very fruit that inspired the color palette throughout.

The kitchen is outfitted with medium tone wood cabinets paired with a black terrazzo backsplash and beige terrazzo floors.

The apartment originally had two balconies but they’ve been converted into angular nooks, one just off the kitchen, designed as a seating area. A large archway with wood trim now joins the two spaces. Arches are repeated throughout the apartment helping to soften the angularity of the interior.

Two black and white Astep Model 2065 pendants by Gino Sarfatti tie the room’s black and white accents together. The living room features another Sarfatti fixture, Model 2042/6, that complements the pair in the kitchen.

The persimmon shades show up in the kitchen in a more subdued way – as part of the mixed aggregate in the terrazzo countertops and floors.

In the living room, the ceiling is painted a warm persimmon shade that extends down onto the wall and stops at the black molding. The rich color enlivens the space, especially when the hidden molding light is turned on.

The main bedroom includes a nook with a small desk and chair, and a patterned wallpaper on the ceiling. The archway and black cornice add dramatic elements to the minimalist space.

The main bathroom changes the color palette up with shades of green and black ceiling. Pale sage green tiles are set on the lower part of the walls with a darker green elongated sink basin, both representing the stalk or leaves of the persimmon fruit.

The guest bathroom switches back to persimmon shades, with three complementary hues found on the walls of the bathroom, in the shower, and on the floor.

Photos by Andrey Bezuglov.

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