The first week a property is on the market is critical to its potential for a successful sale. During the first week, it receives maximum exposure, so sellers should consider a few tips prior to putting their properties on the market. First, the seller should not be premature about the sale of the home: hiring someone to ensure that the property is at its best prior to putting it on the market is essential to its success. For homeowners who might not be able to hire someone, becoming familiar with similar listings on the market and the way in which agents market those properties is invaluable. The third consideration involves the home’s price, which should be validated by a market analyzer, not by a sentimental homeowner. Next, sellers must absolutely have photographs of their properties, since the Web is the world’s main portal for gathering information and browsing real estate listings. Photos should be free of clutter and depict the home as immaculately clean. Finally, sellers should depersonalize the space as much as possible, since the idea of the sale is that buyers who are browsing the listing will be able to imagine themselves living there.

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