An emerging trend in bathroom design is the use of recycled sinks made of materials like copper, concrete, glass, and even rubber tires. Such companies as Kohler, Elkay, Native Trails, Premier Copper Products, and Belle Foret are manufacturing recycled copper bathroom sinks that are repurposed from other copper products, which are melted down, purified, and shaped into new sinks. These sinks are attractive because they are aesthetically pleasing while being environmentally sound. Manufacturers of concrete sinks are also decreasing their carbon footprint by using techniques that use 20 percent to 40 percent less energy, and are also adding recycled materials to the sinks like 100 percent post-consumer glass, recycled porcelain, coal fly ash, and organic compounds. Recycled glass sinks are increasingly being found in upscale homes and businesses. The stylish and durable material is made from recycled glass bottles, car windows, and windshields. A sink dubbed “RUBBiSH,” meanwhile, is made rubber and metal fibres from old tires. A rubber sheet is stretched over a base frame and anchored by a drain collar that creates a shallow slope. | Read More