Multidisciplinary artist Alex Proba – known for her distinct visual language that involves playful exploration of textures, shapes, and colors – has added another collection under her eponymous line Proba Home. In collaboration with Gossamer, a lifestyle cannabis brand, Alex has designed a colorful collection of four handwoven, hand-tufted rugs inspired by Gossamer’s color palette and the cover of its latest bi-annual magazine, Volume Seven: Touch.

The design process involved explorative collaging and multiple iterations once the collages were digitized. On giving proper nod to Gossamer, Alex shares, “We’ve added a smoky, psychedelic wave pattern as a subtle nod to Gossamer’s perspective and took cues from their typography, which is never just linear.” Alex’s signature shapes and patterns were then layered on top, a party of long white ribbons, drips of neon orange, polka dot cut-outs, and scallop swaths of baby pink.

The final four designs are all made to order with organic dyes and available in sizes 2×3, 3×5, 4×6, 5×8, and 6×9. They are exclusively sold at Gossamer and Proba Home.

Photos by Sean Davidson.