Whether holding public open houses is a good idea depends on which home seller or property agent is asked. In today’s real estate landscape — where consumers utilize websites and smartphone apps to garner multitudes of information — some say open houses are unnecessary and ineffective. Moreover, detractors suggest, frequent open houses may give the impression that something is wrong with the property; and there also are concerns about security, with so many people allowed to freely wander through the home. And while many sellers dislike the idea of nosy neighbors with no plans to buy invading their open house, agents who favor this marketing strategy say neighbors know the community’s best attributes and may actually have a friend or relative who is looking to buy, even if they themselves are not. Particularly in markets where buyers still have the advantage, it does not pay to limit the potential pool of buyers. Additionally, advocates argue that open houses can garner feedback on the favorable and unfavorable aspects of a listing. Finally, for some properties — such as those that do not photograph well or that are so unique that photos cannot capture their essence — open houses are a beneficial way to showcase the home. | Read More