In the current economy, homeowners are making limited changes while they put full-scale kitchen or bathroom renovations on hold. “What’s on everyone’s minds is making the space feel a little better and function a little better until you can reach the ultimate kitchen or bath that you want,” says Danny Lipford, host of the nationally syndicated home-improvement radio show “Homefront With Danny Lipford.” Homeowners who wish to make such mini-renovations should choose projects that yield bigger changes at a smaller cost, or ones that can be the first steps toward the full-scale renovation, according to Sabrina Soto, designer and host of HGTV’s new series “The High Low Project.” Changes may be made to the biggest surfaces in a room, such as countertops or floors. Countertops may be painted, and a soon-to-be-replaced floor may receive a new rug, or peel-and-stick vinyl tiles. Grout stain can make old ceramic tile floors and walls look new, and adding a tile backsplash to a kitchen wall can give the space new style. Rather than installing lighting around cabinets that may be removed in a year or two, a new ceiling light can be installed sooner, for use when kitchens or bathrooms are renovated. Changes to window treatments, appliances, faucets, or shower doors may also offer significant changes at lower costs. | Read More