Extra shower space is a kitchen and bath trend to look for in 2014, according to John Petrie, president of the National Kitchen and Bath Association. Many households use the shower more than the bathtub, and some homeowners are ripping out their tubs completely to create bigger showers. The extra space allows for multiple shower heads, built-in seating, and designs without shower doors. However, Petrie stresses that a home should maintain at least one bathtub, so as not to hurt the resale value. In the kitchen, Petrie notes that over-the-range microwaves are giving way to microwave drawers under the countertops, in a change that accommodates shorter cooks and young children. LED lighting is being used in recessed, under-cabinet and in-cabinet lighting; quartz countertops are gaining some ground on granite countertops; and touch-less faucets are becoming more popular. | Read More