Imaginary, playful plants and never-ending beauty – that’s what you get in Moss and Lam’s Botánica. Slightly wacky and reminiscent of enlarged stacking toys for children, this group of abstract marble sculptures was brought to life. Using different shades and patterns of Neolith’s sintered stone slabs, Botánica encourages our minds to wander. Maybe it’s to your own backyard or gardens and forests of your past – the places where hopes and dreams live. The grey, white, and black sculptures are otherworldly in their forms, full of imagination just waiting to be tapped.

Deborah Moss, Moss and Lam’s co-founder and creative director, explains: “We wanted to create an artistic botanical garden with a whimsical, maximalist aesthetic that could seamlessly fit into [the Aga Khan Museum’s] minimalist architecture; a utopian vision where the real meets the imaginary.”

Botánica is destined to stay the same size, shape, and color. Unlike other gardens it can’t grow or transform itself into the next stage, but it can give you a place to escape.

Following its June debut at the Aga Khan Museum in Toronto, Botánica is set to be showcased in select Ciot showrooms across Canada and the United States. The exhibition’s tour will travel from Toronto to Québec City, Atlanta, Detroit, and New York.

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Photography by Stefan Blondal.