With 60 percent of households owning a pet, according to the American Pet Products Manufacturers Association, Realtors say it can be difficult for sellers to isolate or remove a pet from the home and for buyers to move to a new neighborhood with their pets. Home and condo buyers prefer neighborhoods with parks and other pet-friendly spaces, and they would be wise to ensure that their pets have plenty of room and can navigate the home. Stairs can be difficult for older pets, and small dwellings may not accommodate indoor cat trees and other pet accessories. Moreover, some condos place restrictions on the number of pets and impose weight limits. As for home sellers, odors can be a problem, and they would be wise to ask neighbors or their real estate agents whether pet odors are powerful and even call in a professional cleaner to remove them. Pet hair and carpet stains are other issues that should be considered before prospective buyers enter the home, and owners may have to remove doggie doors and linoleum floors before putting their houses on the market. Realtors recommend that pets are removed from the home and kitty-litter pans and food and water bowls are concealed when buyers tour a property. | Read More