The BuyerWire app — available through Apple’s App store — enables home buyers to weed through listings as well as contact and send information back and forth to a Realtor as they look for the right property. “For example, if you’re at a home showing and see a kitchen you like, you can take a picture, tag a little note and say ‘I really like this style of house,’ and you can send that instantly to your Realtor,” says Nathan Read of the wholesaler KMS in Wichita, Kan., who created the app with Jake Ramstack of Coldwell Banker Real Estate. “That’s a big thing because what the homeowner says he wants and what the Realtor is hearing can often be two different things.” As another example, Read says newcomers to a city might be driving around town and drop a note expressing their interest in a particular neighborhood and requesting additional information about it. Agents can use the app to post listing photos and other information. The app’s developers says it will feature more accurate information than competing apps as well as customer ratings of Realtors. The app — which they hope to expand nationwide — costs $5 per month for Realtors but is free for buyers. | Read More