“Wait, you mean I don’t have to live on Instagram all day for it to work for me?”

Yes. It is entirely possible! 

In the fast-paced world of social media, maintaining an active presence on platforms like Instagram can be both a blessing and a burden. As Realtors and entrepreneurs, we strive to stay relevant, yet the demand to constantly produce fresh content and engage with followers can quickly become overwhelming. 

However, what if you could continue to captivate and grow your audience without spending every waking moment online? This article explores innovative strategies for maintaining a dynamic Instagram presence, effectively engaging with your community, while also granting you the freedom to step away and live your life beyond the screen. 

Here, we delve into how to create a balance between authentic personal engagement and strategic business content. Realtors often struggle because they lack a targeted approach—posting randomly without a clear purpose. This scattershot method fails to engage the right audience effectively, leading to a presence that feels neither credible nor engaging, causing you to be more PRESENT to make an impact.

The scatterbrained content method won’t work

Failing to define a target audience when crafting Instagram content can result in a series of recurring issues.

Don’t know what to post? Do you feel like your following won’t grow? Are you tired of feeling like you are putting a ton of money and time into it, and it’s not producing? 

That is because you are trying to post what everyone else is posting, simply because you think, “If they are, I should too!”

However, all these issues stem from that single factor and contribute to the lack of presence necessary to reduce your need to be constantly ‘present.’

The scatterbrained content method simply creates more confusion about who YOU are and why YOUR ideal audience should choose you.

“I’m supposed to be ‘different,’ but how?”

What is the number one way to do so? Find the intersection of your passions and your expertise. 

Balancing expertise with personal passions, such as gardening, hiking, or even bowling, can significantly enhance the appeal and effectiveness of your content.

Utilizing storytelling and smart analogies can truly differentiate your content and cut through the white noise. 

The goal is to engage and find YOUR community, and creating connection is the first step in this process. If we connect, we can converse. And to make Instagram a platform that will create conversion for you, connection and conversation must be happening.

Let’s take a closer look at how this approach can be effectively implemented, using a specific example that illustrates the power of personalized content.

Real-life example

Meet Sarah! She is a Realtor in Connecticut and has an addiction to houseplants. Every client of hers gets one as a gift when they close, and she has a very close relationship with the local plant shop in town.

How can Sarah use her passion for houseplants to create MORE business off Instagram?

Three things:

Build a 5-part video series on “Moving with houseplants.” Each video will address different parts of this process, such as: What to ask the moving company who would be transporting them, when to water them the last time before you move, how to navigate moving them all in your car…etc

Record this series IN the local plant shop and build in a giveaway for a plant as your CTA in the captions

Engage in your top 3-5 zip codes or cities on Instagram. Specifically, find all the houseplant, plant stores, and plant people hashtags in those areas and engage with the content. WHY? The eyeballs consuming that content are the “market share” you want to capture!  

What happens because of producing content like this?


Want conversion? Create connection FIRST, then let the conversations both come in on their own, and YOU actively go out and seek them.

Reminder: Your content is not for everyone. Go find your people! 

We have all heard that content that appeals to everyone often attracts no one in particular. When it comes to building not just a loyal following but a hyperlocal one as well, it is even more important that you understand your goal: Build YOUR community!

In conclusion

You might be thinking, “Is it really possible to make an impact on Instagram without constant posting or story activity?” Does having a strong presence mean I need to live on it?

To sum up, thriving on Instagram doesn’t mean being chained to your phone all day, but rather crafting and executing a strategy that aligns your professional expertise with your personal passions. 

You establish a meaningful connection that fosters ongoing conversations by defining your audience and engaging them with content that resonates—like Sarah’s creative use of her love for houseplants. These conversations, rooted in genuine interest and personalized engagement, are your stepping stones to conversion. 

Remember, your Instagram success lies in quality, not quantity. Find your niche, speak directly to them, and watch as your digital presence translates into real-world results without the need to be constantly online. Let’s redefine effective social media strategies by being smart, selective, and strategic about the content we share.

Michelle Berman-Mikel is the CEO & Founder of Berman Media PD

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