Reset macbook air mid 2011 !! HELP PLEASE

guys i need some help to reset my mac. I already try all methods and doesnt work. I have discord if u wanna talk to be easier . >>> Joao Hermeto#3749 MY DISCORD submitted by /u/InsertDT [visit reddit] [comments]

Should I keep my old Mac?

Hi, I’m finally getting around to upgrading my 2014 11” air to a new Mac and I was wondering. Should I keep my old Mac or put it into recycling program? submitted by /u/teacosts [visit reddit] [comments]

Why is Siri so bad with Apple Music?

I just received my new MacBook Pro, and whenever I tell Siri, “Play [Song] by [Artist]”, a different song plays, usually by a completely different artist. This isn’t just a one-time thing. I tried it several times and failed every time. Meanwhile on...

Weird rolling noise in macbook.

Ok so I was using my mac book pro 2015 13″ when an tiny winged bug went inside the fan compartment (luckily the fans were not on) and it came out, in barely 2 seconds when I blew air inside (with my mouth not any hot dryer) since then when I shake my mac or tilt...