According to Home Depot designer Frank Turco, more residents are opting for do-it-yourself home improvements. Turco says that a number of simple home renovations are easily achieved through projects that are noticeable but require little time. Turco notes that cabinetry is being supplanted for “open, airy” looks that emphasize more space, which is providing more kitchens with a minimalist look. Floating shelves provide a less dated appearance, as does removing doors from existing shelves. Backsplashes are another great way to enhance a kitchen’s look, especially with an array of choices ranging from natural stones to glass mosaic; backsplashes are also simple to execute. Turco says that changing the kitchen floor is a simple project for any homeowner, while countertop upgrades are the most essential aesthetic and economical improvement. Countertop upgrades will provide homeowners with the most resale value for their homes and will distinguish the home compared to other area properties. Homeowners should seek out seasonal sales for the best deals on cabinetry and countertops, with most deals running from fall through early spring. | Read More