Although it is much easier to create curb appeal in the summer months, there are several ways that Realtors and home sellers can jazz up a home’s exterior in the winter. They can brighten the landscape with evergreens, cabbage plants, and other grasses able to withstand cold temperatures as well as add twigs and red berries to bird baths or fountains. They should hang a large wreath on the front door and place colorful planters filled with evergreens nearby. Clear flood spotlights should be used to highlight architectural features, and Roman- or Greek-themed outdoor sculptures can improve a garden in winter. Outdoor tables and chairs should be set up as if it were summer, and the grill should be uncovered and the hot tub open and running. Finally, experts encourage Realtors to display photos of the home in other seasons and ensure that the driveway, sidewalks, patio, and deck are kept clear of snow. | Read More