Kansas City real estate agent Heather Wells says home sellers have only eight seconds to make a good first impression. If buyers do not like what they see on the outside of a property, they will not make an effort to see the inside. Experts says sellers should plant flowers and tidy the garden when they put out a “for sale” sign, and homeowners not looking to move right now should consider planting a shade tree or shrubs now to ensure a nice landscape when they want to sell down the road. Pamela Geurds Kabati, vice president for publications and Web publishing at the National Association of Realtors, says, “A pretty garden sends a message to the buyers that the house is in good condition, too.” The home likely will sell faster and could fetch a higher price. Experts say sellers should consider big pots that are full of flowers or plants in a variety of colors. They also should trim shrubs and put out fresh mulch. These improvements cost only a couple of hundred dollars and will pay off. | Read More