Buyers may be surprised when they take ownership of their newly purchased home to find that appliances, chandelier, window coverings, and other items have been removed by the sellers. Misunderstandings about which items are included in the transaction are common, and experts says sellers should be sure to confirm the inclusions and exclusions in the listing agreement. Buyers should consider taking photos of the home’s interior on the date of the contract, and they would be wise to postpone the final walk-through until just before the settlement to note any changes since the last inspection. Although contracts stipulate which items convey, there could be some confusion. For example, fixtures convey by contract; but the definition of “fixture” may not be clear. The matter may be complicated by the fact that many properties these days are owned by the bank, making it difficult for the agent to confer with the seller. Experts say taking note of the contract terms and understanding local customs can minimize last-minute misunderstandings. | Read More