Homeowners find selling their properties to be an emotional experience, even more so when they are selling due to a marital split. In the past, divorcing couples were able to sell their homes and divvy up the equity; but in the current market, many are upside down on their mortgages, which further complicates the process. Sometimes, divorcing couples decide that one will remain in the home until the market improves in the hopes of gaining equity. These days, some couples live in the same home while they wait out the market; and at the very least, some are living together until the house sells because they cannot afford to cover the mortgage and pay for a new place at the same time. Other couples are forced to sell at a loss so that they can move forward with their lives. Regardless of how they choose to proceed, divorcing couples who decide to sell would be wise to check their emotions and try to agree on the terms of the sale. However, when one does not want to move, he/she could try to sabotage the sale by fighting about the asking price, failing to keep the home tidy, and refusing to arrange showings. | Read More