More than 90 percent of green homeowners would buy another green home and recommend a green home to a friend, according to a GuildQuality study conducted on behalf of the National Association of Home Builders. A survey of people who purchased National Green Building Standard-certified homes in the past three years found that most homeowners were satisfied with their purchase. “Historically, studies have focused on interest in green among buyers in the market or on trends as reported by industry professionals,” says NAHB’s Matt Belcher. “While that’s certainly important information for all those in the industry, it doesn’t always get to the heart of what new buyers want to know, which is: ‘how satisfied are green homeowners with their decision?'” More than 70 percent of survey respondents said their homes are higher quality than traditionally built homes. More than 60 percent strongly agreed that energy efficiency was an important factor in their purchase decision, and nearly 60 percent strongly agreed that indoor air quality was an important factor. More than a third said that water conservation was an important factor. In addition, 55 percent said the benefits of a green home outweighed the cost premium over a traditional home. Respondents cited low utility bills, energy efficiency, and insulation as the top features of their homes, and most had no response to the least desirable feature of their new homes. | Read More