Drain boards for sinks are once again in vogue in many revamped kitchens. Higher-end drain boards are now available that are incorporated into the kitchen sink. These newer styles of stainless-steel sinks are called task sinks, and feature integrated drain boards. Some manufacturers make matching drain boards as accessories. Drain boards are being rediscovered by younger homeowners because they are highly functional. The do not require plugging in, provide additional storage space, and are a natural platform for drying dishes. Households that need to clean only a few dishes at a time can save energy as well. Drain boards are typically part of the fixture, but the dimensions of the sink can be longer. For instance, a drain board can be fitted in a 36-inch base cabinet, with the drain-board side overlapping an adjacent dishwasher. An alternative is to install a standard-size kitchen sink and use it with custom drain boards with racks that fit snugly over the rim of the sink. Larger kitchen sinks with a built-in drain board will usually be costlier than an accessory type, and may also have higher installation costs. | Read More