There are several ways homeowners can keep cold air outside as chillier temperatures set in. Experts say efforts to winterize a home should begin with drafty windows. These can be easily fixed by finding where air is entering and filling spaces with caulk, weatherstripping, or foam. Drapes made of heavier fabrics can also be used to keep colder air out. The use of programmable thermostats can make a home energy efficient and provide customizable heating preferences. Homeowners should also take time to winterize their air conditioning systems to prevent it from being damaged in cold weather. Plants, outdoor furniture, and even grills should be brought inside to be protected from harsh weather. Gutters should be cleaned to prevent ice from building up on homes and possible water damage. Finally, ceiling fans can be used to keep rooms warm as well. Using the direction switch to reverse the fan to clockwise will push warm air near the ceiling down to the floor. | Read More