German designer Sebastian Herkner has joined up with South African luxury manufacturer Indigenus to create the Aarde range of planters. Herkner found himself inspired by South Africa after returning from his honeymoon, and wanted to represent the country culturally, demographically, and elementally. The subtly overlapping layers of the Aarde’s design add different depths, allowing the user to experiment with the characteristics Herkner witnessed for himself. The earthy colors of the large planters are also an important part of the story he tells about the country.

Herkner greatly appreciates traditional craftsmanship, color, authentic materials, and textures, making Indigenus a natural partner for the Aarde. “I like that the Aarde is being produced in South Africa because I believe that people are searching for the story of the product, where it is produced, which materials are used, how sustainable is it. Indigenus makes superbly manufactured planters and their design philosophy matches mine,’ says Herkner. “In the end, all our needs from a product are so similar. We are looking for companions for life, not a trend, and we want great designs with long lasting function and quality. This is sustainability.”

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Stylist: Liz Morris.
Photographer: Mark Williams.