Most real estate professionals — even those with the EcoBroker designation — do not encourage home buyers to request formal energy audits along with a home inspection, although such evaluations can save them thousands of dollars by identifying areas in which energy efficiency could be improved. Now could be the perfect time for Realtors to promote energy audits, given that buyers are especially concerned about energy costs and much attention is being paid to energy consumption in regards to vehicles. Some observers believe purchase contracts should feature energy audit contingency clauses so that buyers know more about the home’s operating costs. Agents say buyers are more concerned about mold, radon, and lead paint and generally do not request energy audits; but EcoBroker Leland DiMeco of Boston Green Realty says he mentions energy audits to every client and has found that they facilitate sales and even boost prices. DiMeco says a Home Energy Rating System audit on an 87-year-old New England colonial followed by such improvements as window and appliance replacement and interior lighting upgrades resulted in the home being sold in just six days and for $50,000 more than comparable dwellings. DiMeco calls the audit “a great marketing benefit for the sellers.” | Read More