A study by Berkeley Lab reveals that homes with solar power systems sell for more than similar properties in California, and some believe the finding could have major implications for utilities across the country. According to the report, “A clearer understanding of these effects might influence the decisions of homeowners considering installing PV [photovoltaic] on their home or selling their home with PV already installed, of home buyers considering purchasing a home with PV already installed, and of new home builders considering installing PV on their production homes.” The study looked at 72,000 homes statewide, 2,000 of which had PV systems, and found that new, average-sized homes with PV systems sold at a premium of almost $17,000 over similar homes lacking solar power. The average per-watt premium is lower for new homes, which experts say could indicate that builders accepted lower premiums in exchange for quicker sales. Moreover, the premium declines over time as the PV system ages, indicating that buyers and sellers are taking reduced efficiency and the life span of these systems into consideration. | Read More