Horticulturists and landscaping experts say fall and winter are often the best time to conduct maintenance on trees. This is because as the weather gets cooler the shoots of plants become firmer and easier to trim. Pruning trees and plants in the winter also prepares them for a healthy growing period in the spring. Pruned trees will also drop less debris in winter storms say experts. Deva Luna, a horticulturist and designer for Earthcare Landscaping, says when pruning a tree it is important to visualize how it will look in the future. When the pruning process begins Luna say it is important to remove dead, diseased, or broken branches. However, homeowners should make wise choices about where, how, and how much pruning is done. Another expert notes that no more than 20 percent to 25 percent of a tree’s branches should be removed. Tree pruning should only focus on the branches that need attention. The fall and winter is also a good time to check the overall health of a tree. For example, checking for signs of pest infestations or fungus growth can ensure a tree remains healthy. | Read More