Real estate listings must feature photos to grab buyers’ attention and prompt them to seek more information. Comparing real estate marketing to dating and calling himself a “matchmaker,” Realtor Jeffrey Hogue of Spring Township, Pa.-based Prudential Landis Homesale Services says, “[Buyers] reach out to preview the home, a date. If the home lives up to the online presentation, there could be an agreement, or engagement. If all goes well, there will be a settlement or marriage.” Hogue says it is important for photos to make a good first impression and, to that end, he purchased a utility truck with a bucket lift to take exterior shots at the perfect angle and serve as a moving billboard and mobile office. Other Realtors are using professional-quality photos to ensure sales, showcasing the home’s best features and using pictures to tell a story. They recommend taking photos from different angles and leaving out photos of cluttered rooms or bathrooms without unique features. Exterior photos should depict the current season, and homes with few rooms do not need numerous photos. Realtors also caution against posting bad photographs, which they insist are worse than having no photo at all. Those with limited experience taking photos might want to hire a professional. | Read More