These five features of the new Windows 7 operating system should ease the transition from Windows XP. Jump lists make it easy to access most-frequently used documents, spreadsheets, Web pages, and media files. The user can also pin documents, similar to a bookmark, and the document will always be visible on the jump list. The Windows Snap feature allows a user to view and align two documents side-by-side without the hassle of reformatting. Users who get distracted by numerous open desktop applications will appreciate Shake. With this feature, the user can click and hold any of the applications’ task bar, shake the mouse, and all of the other applications will minimize. To restore the applications, click on the open application, and give it another shake to reopen the other windows. Windows 7 follows a laptop when it changes networks from home to office or office back to home, and automatically defaults to the specific printer used in that location, saving the user the trouble of changing default printer settings. And finally, Windows 7 comes equipped with touch-screen functionality for easy navigation between applications, photos, and media. | Read More