Homeowners can enjoy Fall all the more by making some simple updates to not only welcome my friends, but also to welcome autumn. Ideas that don’t stretch your wallet or stress you out include: clustering your artwork – Pictures and artwork are more impactful when clustered together on one wall versus spread out individually. Don’t be afraid to mix various sized items together. Also, “punch up” your pumpkins. Freshen up older pumpkins by painting or adding glitter. When displaying, less is definitely more when it comes to pumpkins. They have more impact when grouped in two to three areas instead of being spread around a room. You can also “warm up” your fabrics – Chenille and wool are welcoming fabrics for fall. Look for pillows and bedding in those fabrics and in warm colors including orange, purple and jewel tones. Embrace orange – Orange is a perfect pop of color on pillows, throws, bedding and accessories to brighten up homes as the daylight hours grow shorter. Finally, mix things up – Mixed finishes are in. Consider roughing-up furniture and/or using chalk paint to create a distressed finish. Mixing wood, metal and glass really pulls a room together. | Read More