Remodeling magazine looks at popular home upgrades each year and calculates how much owners get back when they sell. Sal Alfano, editorial director for Remodeling, says that upkeep is currently more popular than upgrades, often recouping the most expenses at resale. The lowest returns usually come from expensive, personalized add-ons, such as the standard home office renovation, which usually returns 45.8 percent at resale. Home-office remodelers should choose something that can easily be converted back into a bedroom, and it should be referred to as a “study” or “den” when the house is for sale. Sunroom additions can cost $75,224, but homeowners can expect to recoup 48.6 percent when they sell the house. Such additions, however, may be beneficial if the home needs another common area. Deluxe master suite additions, including spa-like bathroom features, only return about 52.7 percent at resale. Added bathrooms and expanded garages also only return a little more than 50 percent of the cost. | Read More