If you have homeowner-related questions that you would like to ask a CPA, or if you need information on tax or accounting matters related to your homeownership, simply fill out the form below. This service is available free to you as a member of American Homeowners Association. Describe as best as you can, the question or information that you need (a Customer Service Representative will help organize your question, if necessary, so just use your own words.) Be sure to put down the phone number you would like the CPA to use and especially the best times to reach you.



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American Homeowners Association, Inc. collects, stores, and distributes to its members educational materials relating to all Homeowner matters. Some of the topics are Homeowner financing and refinancing, Homeowner tax advantages, remodeling, maintenance, and safety. Many other topics are also available so put them down and we will try to send you information on the topics you desire. This service is free.