During the summer season for home purchases, when buyers are especially focused on outdoor spaces, real estate agents can help seller clients get more for their house by recommending certain projects that will boost property value and attract buyers. For instance, they should counsel sellers to clean the home’s exterior.  This will typically entail washing the inside and outside of all windows, pressure-washing the entire exterior of the structure itself, and treating any stains on the home’s driveway and/or sidewalk.  Second, they should advise the current owners to add a fresh coat of paint.  Not only will new paint — even if it is only on the shutters and trim — add to a home’s curb appeal, it may even make it stand out more in the eyes of appraisers as well as Realtors who are trying to decide on multiple properties in a given area to show clients.  A third tip that agents should offer their seller clients is to freshen up the landscaping.  It has been a long summer, so adding native plants and sodding bald patches in the lawn might be the way to go.  Some might even consider adding features like a small fountain or a backyard fire pit.  Finally, realty practitioners might suggest that sellers decorate the home’s front entrance with such touches as fancier address numbers, upgraded exterior lighting, and potted plants. | Read More