There are four easy and inexpensive projects a homeowner can do to make their home more attractive before putting up a “for sale” sign. First, improve curb appeal. To get the perspective of a first-time visitor, walk around the front sidewalk, check for anything that needs to be spruced up or repaired, and consider replacing the mailbox and house numbers if they are old or dirty. Second, create a beautiful lawn. Help maximize the potential of your lawn by feeding it with the right fertilizer and grass seed, and ensuring it receives between one and one-and-a-half inches of water every week, including rainfall. Third, groom your garden. Cold winter months can leave a garden looking drab and sad, and one easy way to tidy up this area is to spread new mulch. “Homeowners should also trim and prune shrubs and trees to create a refined look,” says Lou Manfredini, Ace Hardware’s home expert. “A ‘jungle theme’ makes your house look unkempt.” And finally, revitalize a home with fresh paint. Select neutral paint colors that can help a buyer envision themselves in the home, rather than bold colors that distract. | Read More