There are many ways to cool off during the hot summer months in the south. Old-school sprinklers, water pads, kiddie pools, you name itI’ve tried them all over the years. Having grown up in the heat and humidity, there isn’t a body of water (man-made or not) that I haven’t dipped my toes in to find some relief.

Now that I’ve got a backyard of my own, I knew it was time to invest in an above-ground pool. I wasn’t quite sold on the work that an in-ground pool would take (not to mention the financial investment) and I wanted something more than an inflatable pool that my dog would eventually destroy. So I landed on an above-ground pool. To be more specific, I chose the Funsicle Above-Ground Swimming Pool.

Read on for my fool Funscicle pool review.

What is the Funsicle Above-Ground Pool?

The Funsicle Above-Ground Pool is (as the name states) an above-ground pool offering potential buyers a cheaper alternative to the work, space and financial investment required by an in-ground pool.

Unlike visiting a community pool, Funsicle above-ground pool owners get the privacy of enjoying the relaxation in the comfort of their own yard. Just one payment and you can have a pool party any time of the year with anyone you wantno need to worry about crowds or feeling uncomfortable in a swimsuit in front of strangers.

There are two sizes to this product and I decided on the smaller size because I didn’t want my entire yard to be taken up by the pool. I wanted a place for friends and family to come and relax so with the ability to accommodate up to seven people comfortably, the 14-inch diameter was more than enough room.


We Tried It

Funsicle Above-Ground Pool

14-foot pool comfortably accommodates up to seven people to splash the day away.

Funsicle Pool Features

The Funsicle Pool includes many notable features and accessories:

Ground coverStylish teak-inspired print exterior made of 3-ply ToughMesh materialsDecorative blue and teal tile-inspired interiorSureStep Ladder allows for easy pool accessSmartConnect poles with snap-together framing allow for easy assemblySFX1000 SkimmerPlus Filter Pump2-in-1 plug for easy water drainageMaintenance kit includes manual skimmer with multi-length handle and replacement hose for skimmer pump

How We Tested It

Unboxing and Ground Prep

When the pool was delivered, it was a large, very heavy box. Inside were several smaller boxes with the individual components and their instruction manuals. I was pleasantly surprised at the sturdiness of the exterior poles and the vivid color of the inside liner.

The ground liner is noticeably thinner than the pool itself, so buyers should do a thorough job of clearing and preparing the ground before setting up the pool. I haven’t yet had any rips or tears in the pool, but it has only been a couple of months. There are two patches for repairs if I ever need them.

Here’s an important reminder: Please, please prepare your ground beforehand. I set this pool up with little to no regard for the slope of my backyard, and while minimal, I currently have a deep and a shallow end to the pool. I have set up the ladder at the shallow end for convenience but next summer I will need to drain and adjust the placement of the pool. I didn’t want to waste the water that I had already put in.


While the pool did require some help to assemble, it was easy enough with two people. There is a simple snap-and-lock feature on the frame that makes it easy to assemble and disassemble. I would highly recommend at least two people!

While I was putting this together, I was hesitant to continue after I laid out the ground cover, which is essentially a tarp. It’s quite thin so next season, I’ll probably rethink the cover and may need to build a deck or some sort of flat surface that isn’t directly on the ground. The bars that make up the frame are metal but the feet they go into to help stay sturdy are plastic. The inside of the pool itself is a sleek vinyl-like material and the outside is printed to give the appearance of teak. There are several different outside prints available on the Funsicle website, including stone slate, rattan and solid grey.

Filling Up

I did get in and out of the empty pool several times before filling it up. Before I filled the pool, it rained for several days so I had to put the manual skimmer and drainage valve to the test. They both work! The drainage plug will get clogged if you allow too much debris into your pool so regardless of how much manual skimming you do, you may need to go back in and wipe down the plug. Learn from my lesson do not get into the slightly wet pool with no shoes on. The interior liner is very slippery and I may have busted my hip while trying to clean.

Please note that the skimmer pump is located at the top of the pool, so you must have the pool all the way filled for it to begin working. Also, when setting up the pool, the instruction manual strongly suggested the pool be at least 20 feet away from your house. However, there is an electrical component to the skimmeras in, it only will run if it’s plugged inso please be aware that you should place the pump as close to an electrical outlet as possible. I was not aware of this when I set it up so I needed to run an extension cord to connect to the outdoor outlets of my house.


Now for the fun partswimming. Now, I just need to snag some fun pool accessories and I’ll be good to go! Living in the south means that I have lots of warm days during the summer, so the water naturally heats up in the sunshine. If I didn’t live in a place that had many days in the 90s during the summer months, I would probably be investing in a solar-powered water heater (as those first few dips required some major acclimatization).

I think my Funsicle pool review will be complete after a solid season of using the pool, but so far I have only had issues with the cover. It seems quite flimsy and is hard to keep tight on the pool. Summer in the south does include lots of storms so any kind of rain or wind blows the cover right off, even with the drawstring feature.


Includes filter system, manual cleaning kit, and clear assembly directionsEasy assemblyBright interior color and stylish exteriorCheaper than an inground poolCan use year-roundYou can take this wherever you move toit can be torn down, moved, and rebuilt


Flooring seems a little thin even with the ground liner. so repairs may need to be more frequent if the land is not prepared properlyIncluded cover requires two people to put on; does not stay on through wind or rain


Who makes Funsicle?

Funsicle is owned by Polygroup. The company owns several seasonal brands, specifically based around winter holiday decor.

How long does it take to fill up a Funsicle pool?

Depending on the water input and the size of the pool that is purchased, it can take up to a full day to fill. The 14-inch diameter pool can hold up to just over 3.3k gallons of water and took nearly six hours to fill with a steady flow of water from a standard lawn hose.

Is it safe to have an above-ground pool?

There is always a risk associated with pools, even when the swimmers can easily stand in the pool; and because these pools are typically in homeowner’s backyards, there are often fewer safety precautions followed. Please keep a close eye on children and pets near any above-ground (or inground) pool.

What Other Reviewers Have to Say

Overall, this pool does what it says it’s going to do. There’s a cute design for those wanting something less austere, a sturdy build to ensure longevity, and built-in cleaning mechanics and tools. Here are some other Funsicle Pool reviews:

“I think its a great pool, looks cute and easy to assemble no issues with leaks, the filter works great,” reviewer Jessica R. explains. “I did add a solar heater to warm the water, but everything that came with this pool is great! No complaints. And considering the price and everything that comes with it, its a great deal too.”

One review on the Funsicle website described it as “a pool in a box” and it is! Everything you need is delivered to your door. I think I’ll get a cute chlorine dispenser and depending on how long into the year I want to use it, perhaps a solar-powered water heater.

Funsicle Pool vs. Summer Waves Pool

The Funsicle Pool and the Summer Waves Pool are both owned by Polygroup. While very similar, there are several differences in these pools.

The Funsicle above-ground pools come with the maintenance set, ground cover, and a ladder, while the comparable Summer Waves pools only come with the ladder and you have to purchase the additional pieces. Both come with a repair patch. The interior design is similar yet slightly differentthe Funsicle features a vertical hexagon and the Summer Wave features a square tile.

One major difference is that the Funsicle pools do not come with a chlorinator but the Summer waves do.

Final Verdict

Overall, I think this is a great splash pool for the price. I’m hopeful that the durability means it will last me for several seasons. The thick material of the liner, the ease of assembly (and therefore disassembly), the positive reviews from other purchasers, and the reputability of the brand all confirm that this was a worthwhile purchase.

As a woman in her mid-thirties, this is the perfect setup in my backyard for friends and family to come and relax during the summer months. I’ve even gotten a few inquiries from my neighbor about when she can come over to hang out.

Where to Buy the Funsicle Above-Ground Pool


We Tried It

Funsicle Above-Ground Pool

Stylish natural teak print liner provides a modern style and elegant touch to your backyard aesthetic.

This pool can be found on several major retail websites. I purchased mine from Amazon for under $500, but you can also buy this pool at Lowe’s or Walmart. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to have some summer fun in the comfort of your backyard.

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