Combine the smooth and comfortable design aesthetic of Scandinavian hygge with the sleek, functionality behind Japanese wabi-sabi, and you’ve got Japandi style. Minimalism’s more down to earth cousin, Japandi design is characterized by its warmth and coziness, mix of natural materials, and soft muted colors that bring zen to indoor spaces, marrying style and function.

If you’re looking to bring the effortless, calming aesthetic to your home, these beautiful Japandi bedrooms designed by Shanty Wijaya, deliver major inspo. So, we curated a collection of Japandi-inspired modern decor to help you achieve the zen vibes at home! You can always find more modern furniture and decor in the Design Milk Shop.

Photo: Jenna Peffley and Alex Zarour

Photo: Jenna Peffley and Alex Zarour

A Clutter Free Nightstand – Sacco Large Porcelain Vase by KINTO

Clean lines and clutter-free surfaces are key to getting the Japandi look, so limiting the number of objects on your nightstand is a must. Your book of the moment and a small, minimal vase like the Sacco Porcelain Vase by KINTO ought to do the trick. The Japanese brand are masters of minimalist design, and the fact that this vase is designed to only hold one or two stems adds to the natural, understated Japandi appeal (no gaudy bouquets or statement vases here!).


Minimal Textures + Prints – Cross-Stitch Throw Pillow by Anchal Project

In keeping with Japandi design principles, designer Shanty Wijaya incorporated delicate, minimal prints in smaller bedroom accents like the pillows. To get the same Japandi effect, we opted for pillows with a similarly minimal print: the Cross-Stitch Throw Pillow by Anchal Projects. The hand-embroidered cross stitch pattern is simple, yet nuanced enough to nearly embody its own texture, adding to the soft, layered coziness that characterizes Japandi spaces. It comes in a variety of shades but we’re partial to the bone-white colorway for that neutral fix.


Lantern Pendant Lights – Alki White Pendant Light by Graypants inc.

A staple in modern Japanese design, lantern lighting is an easy way to add a Japandi look to your bedroom. Handmade using recycled cardboard, the Alki Pendant Light by Graypants inc. delivers on the effortlessly minimalist look that defines Japandi style. The pendant light’s organic shape and comforting warm glow are undeniably hygge, bringing a peaceful, cozy vibe to your bedroom that’s perfect for unwinding at the end of the day.


Warm + Cozy Throw Blanket – Macaroon Throw by Studio Variously

Unlike its more austere counterparts, Japandi style is not afraid of color. The general rule of thumb is to stick to solid, neutral, and muted tones and to keep any patterns or prints to small decorative accents. This Studio Variously Throw blankets the edge of your bed in warm, milk chocolatey color and a plush feel. Handmade by expert women artisans in Nepal using only 100% natural and biodegradable fibers, the Macaroon Throw is dripping with the thoughtfulness and intention that’s undeniably Japandi.


Photo: Jenna Peffley and Alex Zarour

Plants + Floral Stems – Monday Glass Vase by Puik Design

Beyond limiting the number of objects on your nightstand, a clever hack for keeping your nightstand looking tidy is opting for transparent glass object touches – like the Monday Vase by Puik Design. Not only does the glass vase give the illusion of a more minimal side table, but it also lets the fresh, green hues of your chosen stems shine. Even the flourishing floral stem Shanty Wijaya chose here feels light and Japandi due to the minimalist look of the side table-scape.


Orb Lighting – Opal 25 Surface by Tom Dixon

A hallmark of the Scandinavian aesthetic, orb light fixtures capture the best of mid-century modern and minimalist design. An orb sconce is an ideal Japandi lighting solution for its ability to seamlessly complement your walls and bring modern shapes to your space. To get the look of this Japandi bedroom at home, we recommend the Opal 25 Surface Light by Tom Dixon. The light’s matte black fixture, ethereal orb shape, and diffused light provide the ideal levels of minimalism and modern Scandi comfort.


No-Frills Side Table – The Crescenttown Side Table by Hollis + Morris

If there’s one thing Japandi is not, it’s bulky. Japandi furniture embodies a light, function-first aesthetic that keeps spaces feeling open, airy, and peaceful. To create that Japandi look at home, opt for the Crescenttown Side Table by Hollis + Morris. Its solid oak construction and metallic details reflects the eclectic Japandi approach to materials and textures, while its simple form speaks to the functionality celebrated by both design aesthetics.


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