Google’s Nest division is eyeing seniors who wish to age at home as a major potential market for its smart home technology products. Sources say the company has been soliciting senior living communities and experts in aging with a pitch about incorporating Nest devices, such as motion sensors to help people get to the bathroom late at night by automatically turning on lights, or alerting those who move around a lot in excessive heat that they might be at risk for dehydration. Also of interest is predicting potentially fatal falls. Nest products can already be useful in senior care, such as by allowing family members to check in on loved ones via camera products or letting only specific persons, such as caregivers, into the home through its smart locks. Experts generally see a lot of opportunity for tech companies in the aging space. “We have more and more older adults and proportionally fewer family members to take care of them,” notes Honor CEO Seth Sternberg. “In-home devices like Fitbit or nest really should come together with in-house services to dramatically reduce the cost of care to [seniors] and the family-members who support them.” | Read More