Designing a guest bath requires more than making a visual statement. Usually, this space is intended for guests who will be in the space for a limited amount of time unless he or she is an overnight guest. Regardless of how much time is spent in this room, the bath must meet basic codes. The National Kitchen and Bath Association’s 27 Bath Planning Guidelines are useful when designing bath space since they combine their recommendations with the International residential Code requirements. When fitting a toilet into a confined space, plan enough room for guests of all sizes. IRC requirements require that the center of the toilet be 15 inches or further away from any vertical surface such as a wall or vanity cabinet. Those who have found public bathroom stalls somewhat cramped may want to consider NKBA’s suggestion of 18 inches or more. The requirement for a hall bath to be used mainly by guests for short stays means it does not necessitate the same counter and storage space as an overnight guest bath. Bathing would not be required so significant towel storage would not be necessary. If the room is used by overnight guests however, consider ample counter space. There must be room on the counter for temporary storage of the guests’ toiletries and makeup. | Read More